Radiochemistry Professors

Dr. Thomas Hartman
Director, Radiochemistry Ph.D. Program
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear waste forms, advanced nuclear fuels, x-ray crystallography, solid phase analysis

Dr. Ken Czerwinski
Professor, Department of Chemistry/Radiochemistry
Speciation of actinides and technetium, separations, radionuclide solid synthesis, nuclear forensics

Dr. David Hatchett
Professor, Department of Chemistry/Radiochemistry
Electrochemistry of f-element species in ionic liquids
Dr. Frederic Poineau
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry/Radiochemistry
Fundamental and applied chemistry of technetium and the f- elements
Dr. Paul Forster
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry/Radiochemistry
Synthesis of new materials with an emphasis on materials exhibiting nanoporosity
Dr. Gordon Jarvinen
Adjunct Faculty, Department of Chemistry/Radiochemistry
Technical Advisor, Department of Energy, NNSA
Former Deputy Director, G.T. Seaborg Institute for Transactinium Science, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Research Professors and Post-Doctoral Scholars Collaborating with Radiochemistry

Dr. Eunja Kim
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Computational materials studies

Dr. Daniel Koury
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Eswari Mariappan Balasekaran
Post-Doctoral Research Scholar
Synthetic inorganic fluorinated compounds utilizing mild reaction conditions

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