Radiochemistry Fuel Cycle Summer School 2015


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Quizzes for Summer 2015

Quiz 1
Quiz 1 Answers
Quiz 1 Answers and Comments

Assigned: 19 Jun-15
Due: 24-Jun-15
2nd submission: 29-Jun-15

Lecture 1:  Introduction, Chart of the Nuclides
Lecture 2:  Nuclear Properties
Lecture 3:  Decay Kinetics
Lecture 4:  Alpha Decay

Quiz 2
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Assigned: 26-Jun-15
Due: 3-Jul-15
2nd submission: 7-Jul-15

Lecture 5: Beta decay
Lecture 6: Gamma decay
Lecture 7: Fission
Lecture 8: Nuclear models

Quiz 3
Quiz 3 Answers
Quiz 3 Answers and Comments

Assigned: 7-Jul-15
Due: 20-Jul-15
2nd submission: 23-Jul-15

Lecture 9:  Nuclear Reactions
Lecture 10:  Speciation
Lecture 11:  Uranium Chemistry
Lecture 12:  Technetium Chemistry
Lecture 13:  Neptunium Chemistry
Nuclear Forensics (Beach Lecture)

Quiz 4
Quiz 4 Answers

Quiz 4 Answers and Comments
Assigned: 19-Jul-15
Due: 22-Jul-15
2nd submission: 24-Jul-15

Quiz 5 Survey
Assigned and Due: 24-Jul-15

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