Radiochemistry Fuel Cycle Summer School 2013


This page provides a direct link to the lecture notes for the course.

Lecture # Title Power Point PDF
1 Introduction, Chart of the Nuclides .pptx .pdf
2 Nuclear Properties .pptx .pdf
3 Decay Kinetics .pptx .pdf
4 Alpha Decay .pptx .pdf
5 Beta Decay .pptx .pdf
6 Gamma Decay .pptx .pdf
7 Fission .pptx .pdf
8 Nuclear Structure and Shell Model .pptx .pdf
9 Nuclear Reactions .pptx .pdf
10 Radiation Interactions   .pdf
11 Radiation Detection   .pdf
12a TRIGA Reactor .pptx .pdf
12b Nuclear Accidents .pptx .pdf
13 General Atomics    
14 Speciation .pptx .pdf
15 Technetium .pptx .pdf
16 Uranium .pptx .pdf
17 Light Water Reactor Fuel .pptx .pdf
18   .pptx .pdf
19 Neptunium .pptx .pdf
    .pptx .pdf
    .pptx .pdf

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