Radiochemistry Fuel Cycle Summer School 2013


This lecture discusses alpha decay in radionuclides.  Theories on alpha decay are presented. Systematics and energetics involved in alpha decay are presented.  The correlation between Q value and decay energy is described.  Tunneling is used to described alpha decay.  Hindered alpha decay is discussed.   Proton and other charged particle emission are presented.

Lecture notes: PowerPoint, PDF

Readings: Lecture 4: Modern Nuclear Chemistry Chapter 7; Nuclear and Radiochemistry  Chapters 3.B

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  1. Alpha Particle
  2. Quantum tunneling
  3. Alpha decay figure
  4. Modeling alpha decay
  5. Alpha decay energetics
  6. Alpha decay energy and half-life
  7. Systematics of alpha decay half-lives
  8. Alpha decay tunneling
  1. Geiger-Nuttall law of alpha decay
  2. Gamow theory of alpha decay
  3. Alpha particle concepts
  4. Alpha decay energy search
  5. Alpha decay modeled as fission
  6. Proton emission
  7. Cluster decay
  8. Alpha decay overview
  9. Long range alpha decay

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