Nuclear Forensics Summer School

10 June to 19 July 2013

Daily 0900-1200

CHE 102
Ralf Sudowe, Ken Czerwinski
TAs:  Nick Wozniak, Kyle Childs


The goal of summer program is to develop, initiate, and implement a comprehensive, experimental, hands-on training curriculum in topics essential to nuclear forensics as a means of attracting students to pursue graduate studies in technical fields relevant to nuclear forensics. 


Course Outcomes

  • Understand and utilize the chart of the nuclides
  • Comprehend the different modes of radioactive decay
  • Understand the components of the nucleus and how it influences nuclear properties
  • Understand how fission is induced and the resulting products           
  • Understand and apply radiation detection or mass spectroscopy to determine isotope concentration or ratios          
  • Understand fundamental components and chemistry in the nuclear fuel cycle
  • Understand the chemistry of key radionuclides in application important to nuclear forensics
  • Understand the application of analytical methods in characterizing materials
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues in nuclear forensics

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