HPS 718  Radiation Detection and Radiochemistry Laboratory

Instructor:  Associate Professor Ken Czerwinski

Office:  HRC 245; E-Mail:  czerwin2@unlv.nevada.edu, phone 5-0501


Thursday 0900-1200

BHS 115

Spring 2006

Laboratory experiments in radiation detection, counting statistics and radiochemical separations are performed.  The operation and calibration of alpha- and gamma-ray spectrometry equipment and liquid scintillation counters will be examined.  Radiochemical separation and analysis of environmental samples are performed.   Student will focus on a NELAP accredited procedure for the separation of an isotope from a given matrix.  The equipment and supplies for the required for the procedure will be identified by the student.  The setup, development and testing of the procedure will be performed.  The procedure will be demonstrated with calibrated samples and the chemistry involved in the separation will be examined by the student.  Biweekly reports written by the student will track progress and a final report will assess the overall separation procedure.


The class outcomes are:


Calibration and operation of detectors


Ability to perform radiochemical separations


Ability to determine radionuclides in a sample


Understanding the role of radiation detectors in research


Notes on methods for operating detectors.  These notes are to act as a reminder for operating the detectors.


Gamma Detector Method (PDF)

Gamma Detector Method (Word)


Scintillation Detector Method (PDF)

Scintillation Detector Method (Word)


Tennelec Proportional Counter (PDF)

Tennelec Proportional Counter (Word)


Alpha Detector Method (PDF)

Alpha Detector Method (Word)

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