CHEM 312: Introduction to Radiochemistry


CHEM 312:  Introduction to Radiochemistry
Professor Ken Czerwinski

Tuesday, Thursday lectures posted
Office hours weekly via skype
Spring 2017


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Quiz:  15 % each (60 % total)
Final:  15 %
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Final Grades

Lectures will be on-line. The MP4 format files are linked on the webpage and located on the CHEM 312 Youtube channel. After the lecture a short PDF quiz will be taken and comments will be provide in the course blog. PDF quizzes are due 5 days after the final scheduled date for the lecture. The due date will be provide on the web page for each lecture. The use of Online presentation methods can be found in the link and in lecture 0. The PDF quiz for lecture 0 is due two days after the lecture assigned date.

Office hours will be arranged during the semester. Selected times are based on a poll. Office hours can also be arranged anytime during the semester.

Textbooks (see course readings)

Modern Nuclear Chemistry, Loveland et. al.
Nuclear and Radiochemistry, Friedlander et. al.
Technetium, Schwochau
Radiochemistry of Nuclear Power Plants with Light Water Reactors, Ch. 3, Neeb
Chart of the Nuclides
Table of the Isotopes

Radiochemistry is introduced through the physics of radioactive decay and chemistry of radioisotopes. Nuclear properties, nuclear forces and nuclear structure are described. Details on alpha, beta, gamma decay, and fission are discussed. The use of radiochemistry in research is explored with attention given to the nuclear fuel cycle. The interaction of radiation with matter is introduced.

Outcomes for CHEM 312:

  • Understand, utilize, and apply the chart of the nuclides to radiochemistry and nuclear technology
  • Understand the fundamentals of nuclear structure
  • Understand chemical properties of radioelements
  • Comprehend and evaluate nuclear reactions and the production of isotopes
  • Comprehend types and descriptions of radioactive decay
  • Understand the utilization of radiochemistry in research
  • Investigate modern topics in radiochemistry

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